About MeduClaim

Internet Medicaid Portal - Transforming the business of school based Medicaid billing

MeduClaim was designed for and by schools to leverage the cost effectiveness of Web based special education data collection tools in Medicaid billing.  MeduClaim provides school districts an automated system to submit, manage and track the flow of claiming data from your school district to your state Medicaid agency.  MeduClaim will drastically reduce your Medicaid vendor costs while increasing compliance and productivity. 

MeduClaim is the brainchild of CompuClaim. CompuClaim recognizes that with the advent of Web based IEP and SIS systems to collect service delivery data, direct service Medicaid billing became a whole lot easier to bill and easier to be compliant.  There is no more need to hire high priced Medicaid billing vendors.  MeduClaim provides the tools necessary for school districts to manage their own direct service Medicaid claiming at a fraction of the cost of hiring a vendor.   

Like all of CompuClaim’s solutions MeduClaim is 100% secure and HIPAA compliant, comes with our top-notch customer and technical support and allows you to submit to any Medicaid intermediary in 50 states.   Contact CompuClaim now and learn more about why your school district should choose CompuClaim’s MeduClaim solution: